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(How Coach Fard Bell was able to overcome his circumstances, retire from Corporate America in his 20's, earn 6 figures as a coach and influencer, and go from Zero to earning 7 Figures and Beyond in his 30's! )


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About the Speaker

Coach Fard Bell is a sought after speaker, trainer, successful entrepreneur, professional networker and leadership development coach who has been inspiring and coaching countless individuals for over 20 years.

Although Coach Fard Bell was able to retire from corporate America in his 20's, went on to earn 6 figures as a coach, and earned his first million as an entrepreneur in his 30's, his journey hasn't been easy...

Overcoming many obstacles along the way including shyness, low self-esteem, fear of rejection, fear of sales and public speaking, lack of desired support, personal challenges, and the typical struggles that come with recruiting and teambuilding, he rose above his circumstances, and developed the mindset, systems, and strategies that allowed him to grow from zero to 7 figures and beyond! 

As a gifted strategist and teacher, Coach Fard is on a mission to inspire and equip both current aspiring Entrepreneurs, Influencers, & Network Marketers who are ready for their next breakthrough!

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