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Only a few times each year BornCEO, Inc. Founder & Transformational Coach, Fard Bell brings together amazing people from every walk of life to inspire & equip us to take charge over our lives! Come not only to learn the lessons and strategies that helped him and so many others discover what they were born to do, create more time and financial freedom, and start living their dreams, but also to have a good time as we design our futures together as we become the leaders we were born to be!

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“As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three, my income grew 541% my first year after implementing Fard Bell's coaching! By my second year of coaching, my income grew another 231%! And now, I am on track to beat my best year! I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much, Coach Fard Bell and BornCEO University!!! ”

— LaTisha Randolph,  Kansas City, MO

"I was working a full-time government job while running my own locksmith business and active with both my family and Church. I tried to prove Coach Fard Bell's system wrong, but I couldn't... I was not only able to pay a second mortgage without dipping into savings, but I also retired early from my government job!"

— Michael Bailey,  Largo, MD

"I was Supermom until my four boys got older and laid me off... I started my work from home business on a bicycle and found new purpose. My business not only pays for my car now, but this is also the first time in three decades my husband and I have a two income household! Coach Fard Bell is AMAZING!"

— Linda Cash,  Modesto, CA

What Will You Get

Topics will include...
  1. How to discover and live your purpose
  2. How to start and grow your own business
  3. How to earn a full-time living working part-time hours
  4. How to monetize your gifts
  5. How to design a life you truly enjoy
  6. How to rise above your circumstances and overcome your obstacles
  7. How to build your network and your team
  8. How to generate all the leads you can handle
  9. The 5 keys to doubling your profits within the next 12 months
  10. How to be successfully self-employed
  11. How to transition from self-employment to true business ownership and more!

Meet Coach Fard

Our Founder - Coach Fard Bell is a sought after speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, and coach who has inspired thousands of individuals worldwide to overcome their limiting beliefs and act upon their dreams. From scraping together pennies to ride public transportation to school, to building businesses and retiring himself from corporate america by age 22 to pursue his calling, Fard’s wisdom, passion, and persistence has inspired people worldwide to discover their purpose, pursue their dreams, and become who they were born to be.
As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BornCEO, Inc. -- a transformational coaching company, Fard has been instrumental in developing programs and resources that have empowered adults and teenagers to rise above their perceived limitations and proceed to leading extraordinary lives.

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