Your goal for your launch is to get promoted to Manager this week with at least "$500 premium sold" (For example, 10 customers buying a $50 plan) and at least 4 "Associate" Recruits. If someone for example buys a $50 monthly plan, you generated $50 in "premium". You can go all the way to the top by completing your Manager Chart quickly and then inspire and help others do the same!




After your big launch at home plate, all we do is lead at least 2-5 new people a day around this baseball diamond. Keep it this simple and have fun as you learn and grow!



Who do you know? Who did you meet? Who responded to your social media post? Who can you ask to take a look, give us feedback, and refer us to people if it makes sense? Write them down here...



How would like to have a never ending list of prospects so you never run out of people? 

Click "Download & follow the simple steps!



Imagine if  8 out of 10 people who properly see or hear the presentation become a member after they get their questions answered on a 3-way call! If 2 out of 10 enroll right away, the other 6 out of 10 will enroll over time, but ONLY if you remain friendly, stay in touch, and ask them to promise they'll get it from you when they're ready. This chart is to keep track of everyone who has seen or heard a presentation. Keep track... This is your money chart!


Complete 1 Chart Personally = Sr. Associate & Performance Club: (5 Customers & 2.5 Biz Partners)

Complete 2 Charts (Team) = Manager (10 Customers & 5 Biz Partners)


The "ABC 3-Way Call Script"

 (For the Introducer)


What to say when introducing people directly to your coach...


A. "A" stays the same.

B. Choose one of the 5 options for "B" (B1, B2, B3, B4, or B5) depending on who you're contacting.

C. "C" stays the same.


"It's almost impossible to put 2 new people per day on the phone with your coach, and not have new people joining your team!" - Coach Fard Bell


The "ABC 3-Way Call Script" (For the Coach/Expert)


Tip: Schedule 15-30 minute time blocks with your new associates to meet their warm contacts and help invite them to a presentation.

Remind your new associate: "It's almost impossible to put me on the phone with at least 2 new people per day and not have new people joining your team!"




Our 5 Step Gameplan



Scroll down below... 


Our 5 Step Gameplan

For Best Results, Follow This EXACT Recipe (and in the RIGHT order)...



Your Vision/Purpose/Why? In 3-5 years, how do you want your lifestyle to be different? 

What is most important for us to help you achieve right now? (1-6 months)

I desire to earn a consistent $______(monthly), working____(hrs/wk) within____to____months. What will keep you from quitting before you accomplish that?

STEP 2a:

How many networks of people are you a part of? How many people are in all of those networks? How many cell phone & social media contacts? Identify 300+ contacts from your networks. Don't approach them by asking them to buy, join, or be interested, instead ask EVERYONE to take a look, give us feedback, and refer us to people. (Keep track of everyone you invite on the "Prospect List" on page 3 and let your coach know who your top 10 potential customers and who your top 10 potential business partners are).

STEP 2b:

How to build & rebuild relationships so you get referrals and never run out of prospects to educate. Break the ice & just be a friend (including on social media)...

Reach out to current friends and join social media groups to add new friends. You might say "I'm always making new friends and networking and I love your posts. How are you and your family during these interesting times?" Or "It's been a long time! What's new with you?" Or "I'm trying to remember how we met. How are you and your family during these interesting times?"

[Note: Ask about family, career, hobbies, dreams/goals, location. Be yourself and be normal here. Ask good questions, listen for dissatisfaction or problems that we may be able to help them solve later. Be a friend and don't make this step about business. Do this step at least 30mins per day.]


Launch. Use a calendar. Schedule your business hours & Grand Opening Zoom launch

STEP 3a:

Know your story and why you're excited. (Be ready in case you need to share it):
1. [As you know] I have a background in/as ______.
2. What I like/liked most about my lifestyle…
3. What I don't/didn’t like about my lifestyle…
4. I’m excited because I was looking for a way to ____ and I [finally] found a way to do it!

STEP 3b:

Within your first 24 hours, block as much time as you can to focus on inviting people to your presentation. (Most block out 1-3 hours). Date: ____ Time:_____. 

STEP 3c:

Schedule your 1st PZC (Private Zoom Call): Date______ Time________Location___________

STEP 3d (Invite a whole lot of people to your presentation within your first 24-48 hours!):

option 1 - Use the "ABC 3-Way Call Script" above to properly introduce people to your coach right away. Your coach will help you invite them.

option 2 - Click & follow "300+ text launch"  to invite people by text or direct message.

STEP 3e:

Copy & Paste the following on your social media pages. Tag your coach so they can see responses. (Ask at least 10 others to post it for you also):

Who do you know who's keeping their income options open to side projects if the money is exciting enough?

My friend’s company pays well, work PT from home online. Let me know if you want me to connect you.


STEP 3f:

Send those who respond a private message asking:

When are some good times to connect by phone for about 15 minutes today?

Schedule it & find out now who will be available for a 3way call.

Make sure your $20/mo website is active (1st month free). If not, check your email for your associate # and company assigned "pin number" or call 580-436-7424. Then click "need an account" click here.

STEP 3g:

Role play the following with your coach for practice. Before you connect them to the 5min overviews say:

“Is this still a good time? Great… What I’m about to let you hear may or may not be a good fit for you personally. If it is a good fit, great, if not, maybe you can refer me to the right people. It’s okay either way... What matters most is that you understand what we’re doing and give us your honest feedback. As soon as it’s done, I’m going to briefly introduce you to someone so you can hear what their experience has been, and they can answer any questions you may have. If we get disconnected I’ll call you right back. Hold on one moment while I connect you.”

Call 512-703-6148 (Make sure they can hear you then press #2 about our services. After it's done press #1 about the income opportunity. Then press * to disconnect the "sizzle call" overview).

STEP 3h:

Introduce your expert: If you haven't already, find an available expert while the prospect is listening to the overview. Remember to show respect for your expert by using their last name (Mr./Ms./Mrs.______ or Coach _____). Speak highly of your expert

“I'm glad you got to hear that! I'm going to introduce you to Coach ____. He/She is very busy and very successful, has all the facts, loves having fun and loves helping people… Hold on just a moment!"

(Click) Take the lead and click over immediately without hesitating or asking for permission. Don't respond if they try to stop you.

Keep your prospect on hold while you tell the expert about them. After your expert says to merge the call, say:

"Pam, this is Coach ___, Coach ___ this is my friend Pam in CA".

Remember to mute your phone, never interrupt, & always thank your expert for their time while your prospect is listening.

STEP 3i:

Immediately after you've sent your 300 invites (or within your first 24-72 hours), Attend Fast Start training & complete your gameplan form here: my.lsengage.com/start  (If you don't you will lose your bonuses).

STEP 3j:

Schedule Team Conference Calls: Date______ Time______ Location__________________

STEP 3k:

Download the "LegalShield Prospect" phone app from your app store & add those who respond as a "contact". Keep notes on what you've done with each person. Learn How Here.


Keep track of everyone who has heard or seen a presentation using the "Presentation Charts" on pages 6-10 & Do 3-way calls to introduce your contacts to your expert.


Continue scheduling 15min appointments with 2-5 new people per day.
Repeat step 2B above and then transition the conversation and schedule a 15min phone appointment:

"Would you be willing to give me your feedback on a project I'm working on and let me know who you think I can help?" Then: "Great! I can't get into all the details, but when will you have about 15mins today by phone? [Or is right now a good time]? What's a good email & phone number for you?"

[Note: Add their info into the "Prospect" phone app in case you need to send them some information later]

Do this step at least 30mins per day also.

Call them at the scheduled time and use the script in Step 3g above. Be in a rush… The only goal here is to get the appointment and end the conversation.


What Coaches Will Say On the 3-Way Call

Practice out loud until you sound confident

1. Greeting: “Hi, _____ (prospect). This is Coach _______, it's a pleasure to meet you by phone!”

2. Ice-breaker: “______ (associate) tells me you had the opportunity to review some information about what we do and how we help people.

3. Leading Question: "What did you like best about everything you’ve heard so far?” (Let them answer)

4. Relate: “I understand.” (Share your story & why you can appreciate where they’re coming from.)

5. Handle Basic Questions: “What questions can I answer for you, or was everything pretty straight forward?” (Briefly answer basic questions. If their questions are too overwhelming to handle at this moment, proceed as if their interest level is a 7 or below and proceed accordingly…)*

6. Gauge Interest Level: “Great! On a 1-10 scale, 1 being not interested at all and 10 being ready to get started, where would you say your interest level is on a scale of 1-10?”

If “8 - 10”: That usually means they’re ready and just need some direction on getting started properly. Ask what else they need to know before they get started (Use the “4 Question Close” below if they are interested in the opportunity.) Give them reassurance, sign them up, and repeat this whole process. Have the attitude of a “taprooter” which says, “It’s almost impossible for this person to put me on the phone with 10 (or more) people and not have somebody ready to sign up!”

The “4 Question Close”

1. “If you were to get started on a part-time basis, how much money would you need to earn on a monthly basis to make this worth your time (realistically)?” (Remember each answer.)
2. “How many hours per week would you be willing to invest realistically (toward that goal)?”
3. “How many months will you allow us to coach you until you get there?”
4. “So if we can help you put together a plan to earn $______ per month, working ____ hours per week, over the next ____ months, would you be ready to get started?”

If yes, start completing the application:

“Great! Welcome to the team! The next step is to get your applications done and your direct deposit set up so we can start earning income daily right now…” (Complete First Steps Game Plan)

If no, follow steps for “7” or below.

*If “7” or below: Ask what it would take for them to be a “9” or “10”, invite them to the next event and/or schedule the next exposure and follow up in your calendar. If uninterested, get them info about our services, ask for referrals, and thank them sincerely for their time.

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