Leadership Development

Your Foundation For Millionaire Success In Network Marketing

(Listening 30mins per day for 90 days = 45 hours of leadership development!)

#1a. Jim Rohn "Building Your Network Marketing Business" YouTube

#1b. "The Dream Giver" - Bruce Wilkinson

#1c. Making the Shift (Developing the Entrepreneur Mindset)

#2a. Jim Rohn & Jeff Olson on why PPLSI is the best business opportunity in North America - "PPL  & Your Future"

#2b Jeff Olson 10 Core Commitments Power Training 2005 - The Part-Time Millionaire "Franchise" System! Mp3 

#2c. "Atomic Habits" by James Clear

#3a "Challenge to Succeed" by Jim Rohn (The 5 Major Pieces to your Life's Puzzle)

#3b "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson Mp3

#4 "Go Pro" by Eric Worre

#5 "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill youtube

#6 "How To Win Friends & Influence People" By Dale Carnegie Youtube

#7a Jim Rohn on Leadership - "Take Charge of Your Life" YouTube

#7b Get "Developing The Leader Within You" By John C. Maxwell youtube

#7c "Miracle Morning" (Movie) - by Hal Elrod (get the book/audiobook also)

#7d "The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork" by John C Maxwell (youtube)

#7e "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" (video clips) by John C Maxwell

#8 Get "The Business of the 21st Century" By Robert Kiyosaki Intro video

#9 Get "Building A Empire" By Brian Carruthers  (book and audiobook)

#10a Art Williams - The Power of Believing in you YouTube 

#10b Bob Proctor on Self Image

#10c How Holton got to 7 Figures a month

#11 Get "Developing the Leaders Around You" by John C. Maxwell youtube intro

 #12 Billionaire Art Williams' Approach to Building an Championship Team  ("RVP Factory = our "Executive Director Factory")

Additional Leadership Resources:

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Spirtual Growth - Leadership Success Secrets

"Cashflow Quadrant" (Guide To Financial Freedom) - Robert Kiyosaki

"23 Strategies For Promoting Events" -Eric Worre

Video: "Shock Them By Building Your Empire" By Brian Carruthers 


Networking Group Tips: BornCEO.com/networkingtips

Scoreboard Resources

10 Steps for maximizing the dream bigger bonuses!

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Rank Advancement "Next Level Charts" For Each Level

"Business at a Glance" Tracking Sheet

Leadership KPI Sheet

Monthly Power Team Roster (4 Legs Focus Chart)

Charting Your Organization (Coach Fard Bell & TP Interviewing Jeff Olson)

Daily Power Hour Tracking Sheet

Why & How To Become a Power Team Leader

The Launch Packet

5 Keys To Launching Your Business (Updated 1-7-2023)

Core Training Slides

Weekly Presentation Resources

Jeff Olson Ontario CA Power Training "The 8 things that created the 10 Core Commitments" (4 part Mp3)

Jeff Olson Denver Colorado Power Training 2004