Meet Coach Fard Bell

Although I was blessed to build a multi-million dollar international organization from my college dorm room and retire early from Corporate America at the age of 22 to pursue my calling, my life didn't begin that way.

My family came from very humble beginnings on public assistance in Washington, D.C. Even though I was in the midst of my own struggles, I felt obligated to discover what I was born to do to make a positive impact for others, but I was neither clear about what I was meant to do, nor how I was going to find the time, resources, or confidence to do it. I just knew there had to be more to life than working 40-60 hours per week to keep the bills paid and I was looking for a better way.

After several years of soul searching, study and practice, investing well over six figures in my own personal development, business skills and financial education, attending seminars, studying hundreds of successful leaders, multi-millionaires, (and a handful of billionaires), I not only discovered what I was born to do and how to create more time and financial freedom to do it, but I also discovered my gifts as a mentor and success coach to inspire and equip others who want to do the same!


As a result of my coaching, people transform from needing employment to employing themselves, from being the business system to owning a business system, and from seeking their purpose to actually living their purpose!

I work with purpose-driven individuals who want to create a lifestyle of freedom and purpose, but sometimes find themselves frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck.

Those who are willing to invest in their own transformation, who would like help with consistent implementation, and those who are ready to increase their compensation.

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