It's not too late to TRANSFORM your Business into a Millionaire Success System!


Most entrepreneurs want to own a business that doesn't own them, but they've never been taught how to systemize the 5 key components of their business and grow it from 0 to 7 figures and beyond... That's why I created the B.O.R.N. C.E.O. Playbook!


I'm Coach Fard Bell and I've taken my 25 years of knowledge, experience, mistakes, and successes as an entrepreneur and simplified it all into a 6 Week Masterclass designed to transform YOUR business into a Millionaire Success System!


I've been mentored and coached by the best of the best in business & invested over $300K in marketing trainings, business seminars, executive coaching, and leadership development.


I'm practically GIVING you ALL OF IT on a SILVER PLATINUM platter! 


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Here's what you'll get...


WEEK 1: How To Transform Your Business Into A Millionaire Success System (Value $25,000+)

In week one I teach you how to create a binder to house the 5 components of YOUR OWN Millionaire Success System. Are YOU ready to reduce and prevent overwhelm? Eliminate confusion? Put simple, step by step processes in place? Are you ready to speed up your results to 5, 6, or  7 figures and beyond? We cover all of that in just week one! 

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WEEK 2: How To Create Your 7 Figure System For Prospecting (Value: $25,000+)

In week two I teach you the 7 BEST Prospecting Strategies that helped me retire from Corporate America in my 20's, build a 6 figure coaching business, surpass 7 figures in my 30's, and earn over $1,000,000 in my Network Marketing Business part-time!  

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WEEK 3: How To Create Your 7 Figure System For Inviting (Value $25,000+)

In week 3 I teach you the most effective inviting scripts I've used that will help you overcome objections, eliminate unnecessary "no's", get the masses to finally say "YES" to taking an honest look at what you have to offer!

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WEEK 4: How To Create Your 7 Figure System For Presenting (Value $25,000+) 

In week 4 I teach you the tools, templates, scripts, and strategies that turn even shy introverts (like I was) into expert presenters, so you can develop irresistible presentations and raise up an army of living or automated presenters who make effective sales presentations for you even while you sleep!

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WEEK 5: How To Create Your 7 Figure System For Enrolling (Value $25,000+) 

In week 5 I teach you a new way to look at closing so you and your salesforce can CLOSE MORE SALES, GET MORE REFERRALS (even from those who aren't ready yet), and KEEP PEOPLE COMING BACK TO YOU! Imagine making sales comfortably, with no pressure on you or your prospects! Imagine hearing people compliment you and thank you for making them feel good about buying from you! Imagine receiving unlimited referrals for the rest of your career!

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WEEK 6: How To Create Your 7 Figure System For Scaling (Value $25,000+) 

In the first 5 weeks we lay the foundation to make your Millionaire Success System profitable! In week 6 I teach you how to equip and develop leaders who equip and develop other leaders who can run your Millionaire Success System with or without you! Are you ready to enjoy the time and financial freedom that comes from owning a real business system that doesn't own you? Are you ready to own a system that funds your dream lifestyle, provides for your family for generations to come, and supports the causes that matter to you most? Welcome to week 6 of your Millionaire Success System!

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BONUS #1: Three Months Free Access! You'll now belong to our Private Support Community where you'll have EXCLUSIVE access to a growing community of workout and accountability partners, ongoing bonus trainings, & live Q&A sessions! (Value $997/yr)


BONUS #2: Access to my best systems, strategies, scripts, and training documents! ($9,997 Value)


BONUS #3: One Private 1 on 1 Coaching Session - First 10 ONLY! ($997 Value)


BONUS #4: Six Weeks of LIVE Group Coaching as we close 2021 and Pre-Launch into 2022 together ($2700 Value)


BONUS #5: Replay Access To Your 6 Week Live Group Coaching (In case you miss any of the sessions) (Value: $997)


Total Value: $164,691+

Limited Time Offer:  $4997 ONLY $997!!!


"As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three, my income grew 541% my first year after implementing Fard Bell's coaching! By my second year of coaching, my income grew another 231%! And now, I am on track to beat my best year! I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much, Coach Fard Bell and BornCEO Academy!!!"

LaTisha Randolph Earned Over $100K!
Kansas City, MO

"I was working a full-time government job while running my own locksmith business and active with both my family and Church. I tried to prove Coach Fard Bell's system wrong, but I couldn't... I was not only able to pay a second mortgage without dipping into savings, but I also retired early from my government job!"

Michael Bailey Earned Over $150K!
Largo, MD

"I was Supermom until my four boys got older and laid me off... I started my work from home business on a bicycle and found new purpose. My business not only pays for my car now, but this is also the first time in three decades my husband and I have a two income household! Coach Fard Bell is AMAZING!"

Linda Cash
Modesto, CA


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