Know The Goal...


Each Executive Team has a goal to score over 300 "presentation points" per month.


Each Executive Director Team is made up of 4 "Power 700" Squads. The goal of each "Power 700" Squad is to score over 100 presentation points each month...


You earn 1 New POINT for every new person who sees or hears a "controlled" presentation


(which means they listen or watch it WITH you or another associate in person or over the phone).


Know the Formula:

On average 1 out of 5 presentation points results in a new member and 1 out 10 becomes an associate.


Question 1: How many presentation points did you and your squad score by LAST Sunday night?


Question 2: How many presentation points will you and your squad score by THIS COMING Sunday night?


Question 3: How many presentation points will you & your squad score BEFORE the clock runs out on the last day of the month @9:59pm PT/11:59pm CT/12:59am ET?

Click the "Scoreboard" button below & make sure it is completely updated by Sunday night each week...









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Scoreboard Resources

How fast can you get your "Power 700" Squad scoring over 100 presentation points per month? Use the resources below to ATTRACT & develop your "Power Team" of leaders...

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