Develop Your Millionaire Mindset... (Listen 30 minutes Per Day)


Your success and happiness in life (and business) will be greatly impacted by the quality and quantity of your relationships. "People have to get to know you, like you, and trust you, to let you lead them".

Our Part-Time "ABC" Schedule: Master The 10 C.O.R.E. Millionaire Success Schedule (10-15hrs/wk or less)

Be Consistent... First, Master The Simple "ABC Success Schedule". Then Master the "123  Success Shcedule" Below. Part-Time: "Invite 2-5 new people per day and show up 2-3 nights per week"...

A. "Invite 2-5 new people per day"... Even if you are unable to attend the daily presentation zooms, get 2-5 new people per day onto the Live Zoom presentation Mon-Sat @ 5pm PT/ 6pm MT/ 7pm CT/ 8pm ET. (Sundays @4pm PT/ 5pm MT/  6pm CT/ 7pm ET) or use a video if they can not attend. Never say "We have a presentation every day". Do a 3-way call afterward to connect them with one of our Team Leaders.


Or Meeting ID: 7222815483

Password: 1234

Simple Proven Script (change the name and delete the brackets): 

Hey [Pam]! 

Would you be willing to give me your feedback on a project I'm working on and let me know who you think I can help?

*(If you haven't spoken in a while or the relationship is cold... Break the ice first by asking things like how they've been, what's new in their life, or any big goals they've been working on this year. Just check on them as a good friend before jumping straight into business).

Text that to 10 people right now and send your team leader a screenshot of their reply.

After they respond (change the info, delete the brackets, and say): 

 Too much to get into right now, but I'm having a live webinar [Wednesday, Feb 21st @8pm ET]. Join 5 mins early & use this link:

[ Password 1234]

Choose "Device audio" once you're in so you can hear.

Can I count on you to be there?

If No (Invite them to tomorrow's  Live Zoom listed above in section A. If they can't attend that one either say): 

No problem! I'm sending you a 3-minute video now. (Everyone knows at least 3-5 people this can help)... Will you do a 60-second survey for me after you watch it?

(See "Master 1st Base" Below for video and "referral form" survey instructions)

*Only if they demand to know what it is, or they think you're trying to sell them something say something like...

I'm not asking you to buy, join, or sell anything (unless you just can't help yourself, lol)! I just need your support connecting me with some people after you see what I'm working on.

It's about some resources my business partner and I are making available for families and business owners, but too much to get into right now.

Can I count on you to be on?


B. Night #1: Attend Your Weekly Thursday Night C.O.R.E. Training... 6pm PT/ 7pm MT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET Login at Or Meeting ID  566166193

Password: 1234

*Compensation Plan PDF


C. Night #2: Attend or start your local weekly Networking Dinner (Opportunity Presentation) with your local team and the local guests you all invite. This is the foundation of the entire 10 Core Millionaire Success System. The rest of the system will not duplicate and multiply properly without it and the rest of this simple "ABC 123" Success Schedule.

Tip: Remember to block 1 hour in your calendar every week to call your local contacts and invite them to your networking dinner. We have an inviting party you can join Sundays at 3pm PT/ 4pm MT/ 5pm CT/ 6pm ET on Password 1234. (More people answer their phone on Sundays than any other day).

Download Presentation slides here:

For Local Event Building Tips, join this Facebook group: LegalShield Event Builders

Nationwide Events:

National List of meeting holders by State & time zone (Click Here)

(Always contact the event coordinator to confirm the time and location)

*Our Teams Event Calendar:


Next, Master "The 123 Schedule"...

1. Attend Your Sunday Night Success Masterminds & Accelerators... 

- Virtual Inviting Party (Have fun while inviting guests to your local event): 3pm PT/ 4pm MT/ 5pm CT/ 6pm ET: or Meeting ID 566166193 Password 1234

- Part One: Pinnacle Parent Team Call  5pm PT/ 6pm MT/ 7pm CT/ 8pm ET:  or Meeting ID: 7222815483


- Part Two: Our Team Platinum Call @6pm PT/ 7pm MT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET: or Meeting ID 566166193

Password 1234


2. Register For And Attend Your Local Super Saturday Once a Month.   


3. Register For And Attend The Big Event Once Per Quarter.


Fall 2024: Oct 4-6th Dallas, TX

Winter 2025: Jan 10-13 Bahamas Cruise

Spring 2025: April 24-27th Baltimore, MD

Summer 2025: June 10-13th Louisville, KY

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"The Baseball Diamond" - 10 Core Millionaire Success System

Update Your Weekly


2-5/Day Tracking Sheet

(How To Stay Performance Club Qualified & Earn Your $200-$500/mo PC Bonus) 

When you open click "file" and "make a copy" to edit.


How To Use Your 10-In-Play Sheets Below For Massive Success!

(Once saved, you can find your document in your Google Drive cloud storage at )


(Master Home Plate): Coach Fard Bell's Millionaire Success System

To get to the Manager Level quickly (and earn your first $1,000), invite 40-100+ people to your next "Launch Party" Zoom Presentation by simply following the inviting scripts in "Our Part-Time Success Schedule" above. (After your BIG launch parties, continue to invite 2-5 new people per day to our daily Zooms the same way you did for your Launch Parties). If you and 9 other people go manager (in your 3 legs) within your first 30-90 days, you'll go Director and beyond! Watch this training video and practice the same steps over and over until you and your team members master the Millionaire Success System...


(Master 1st Base): 3 Minute "LegalShield & ID Shield" Membership Video

If someone cannot attend the 1st base Zoom presentation, say: "No problem! Here's a 3-minute video. Everyone knows at least 3-5 people we can help... Will you do a 60-second survey for me after you watch it?" Send the 3min video and then the "Referral Form" link afterward. If they'd like to learn more about the Income Opportunity as a referral Associate, you can use a 3min opportunity "sizzle" video or the 19min full overview and tell them: "We only do 3 things... #1. Can you simply text someone a video or Zoom link? #2. Can you put them on the phone with a Team Leader afterwards? #3. Can you participate in a weekly training program that teaches you how to never run out of referrals to send the link to? That's literally all we do!" *Remember to show them the full 11min membership video after they enroll so they have proper expectations. Also, help them schedule their first 2 or 3 calls with their new attorneys to get them comfortable using it for every day life events and questions, not just emergencies. (For example, have them ask about updating their will and estate plan, a document or contact they signed, and their legal rights as a landlord or tenant). (All links are in your Prospect By PPLSI app. How to video is below).


Coach Fard Bell's "20 Reasons to Start Your LegalShield Business" (2-Minute Sizzle Video))

A great follow-up to the 3-minute membership video. (All links are in your Prospect By PPLSI app. See how to video below).


Using the "Prospect By PPLSI" mobile app to send videos

1. Log in to the mobile app "Prospect By PPLSI". 2. Click the video icon at the bottom. 3. Choose the video you want to send and then click "individual" and follow the prompts.


(Master 2nd Base): 3-way Calls with 8 Figure Earner Brian Carruthers!

Author of THE MANUAL of success in Network Marketing: "Building an Empire" (Get The Book & Audio!)


(Master 3rd Base Local Events): Your First 48 Hours With 8 Figure Earner, Mr. Darnell Self!


Master The Million Dollar (Per Month) Launch Plan!


The 5 Levels of Leadership

Now that you're following the simple "Baseball Diamond" success system above and participating in our C.O.R.E. Training every week, the only thing left to do is inspire and develop others to duplicate the exact same business model as if you owned a franchise... Accelerate your success by studying John C Maxwell's books, audiobooks, and videos on leadership and teamwork...

Our Simple Social Media Management System

Ready to simplify your business and manage it like the multi-million dollar business you own? Ready to leverage the power of AI technology and simplify social media marketing? This is our system!

Network Marketing Bootcamp

  • The online bootcamp is the signature turnkey franchise system for getting unstuck and growing a sustainable Network Marketing business.
  • Simplified, Step by step, sustainable, stress-free, simple to follow, simple to teach.
  • No more guessing, no more confusion, no more unnecessary stress and rejection.
  • Save yourself 20 years & tens of thousands of dollars in trainings.


(EXACTLY what to do before, during, and after the launch)

Download & Print Your "Next Level Charts"

(How To Earn Your Next Promotion & Pay Raise)



Save The Dates & Start Planning!

Master the event formula: ($1000/yr in passive income per person attending the events)... If you need $60,000/year in passive income, make a plan to have 60 people from your team attending our weekly, monthly, and quarterly events.

Weekly Local Events


(Always contact the event coordinator to confirm the time and location)

*Our Teams Event Calendar:

*Free Weekly Leadership Coaching Live with Coach Fard Bell's Non-Profit Organization "Born CEO Leadership Academy":


Weekly Promo Calls (Master The Highest Paying Skill Of Promoting)

 Tuesdays 330pm PT/ 430pm MT/ 530pm CT/ 630pm ET Login at Or Meeting ID  566166193

Password: 1234

Facebook Live Replay: LegalShield Event Builders Facebook Group

Monthly Super Saturdays & Bootcamp*

(Always contact the event coordinator to confirm the time and location)

*Coach Fard Bell's Monthly Network Marketing Bootcamp:


Quarterly Big Events

(See #3 in the "ABC 123" Schedule at the top of the page)

How to create a CONSISTENT flow of new recruits and teach others to do the same!

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