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Sunday Night Schedule (3 Parts)

Remember to update your calendar and join us for our Sunday Night Virtual Trainings & Your "Power Team Huddle"!

Part One: LegalShield Success Show

4pm PT/ 6pm CT/ 7pm ET.

Watch here:

Part Two: Our 60 min Team Pinnacle Call (Our Parent Team with $20million Earner Brian Carruthers!) 

5pm PT/ 7pm CT/ 8pm ET (or immediately after the the leadership show ends)



It's important to be on both, but if you have to choose, don't miss part two! Part one will have a replay you can watch.


Part 3: Our Main Call... Weekly Team Platinum BornCEOs Call with our Platinum & Millionaire Club Member Coach Fard Bell!

Sundays: 6pm PT, 8pm CT, 9pm ET

(Meet with your Power Team Leader & Accountability partners)

Or Zoom ID: 566166193

New Password: 1234

Daily Power Hour (Inviting)

Need help making money TODAY while educating & protecting more families?

Join us for Power Hour!!!  We'll show you:

1. EXACTLY what to say!

2. EXACTLY what to do!

3. Then we do it TOGETHER! 🔥

(For FASTEST RESULTS use our scripts on page 1 in "The Gameplan" at🔥 

Power Hour is Tues thru Friday at 7am PT/ 9am CT/ 10am ET.

Join here:

Monday Leadership Development Call

Join the Monday Morning Leadership Call and receive coaching from Millionaire Entrepreneurs like Elizabeth Gardner, Coach Fard Bell, and other Top Executives!!!

Every Monday 7am PT/ 9am CT/ 10am ET 

Join Here: Or 

Meeting ID: 890 961 9823 Passcode: 1234 

Update your weekly calendar and set your alarm!

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