LegalShield Broker Program

(For Enrolling Licensed Insurance Agents Only)

Thank you for requesting information about the broker program!

Your application is attached here: Insurance Agent App 9/30/19

plication 9/30/19

    • Page 1 is asking for the Broker Certified Reps signature (Fard Bell), name, & associate number for authorization. 
  • Complete page 2 "Personal Information". (Leave the bottom section blank)
  • Complete page 3 "Payment Information", direct deposit preference, and signatures. ($19.95 for LS Advantage - First three months are free)
    • Select your compensation preference and complete page 13 (most choose "High/Low" to receive 1 year advanced commissions instead of "as earned".)
  • Send the entire document back to your representative (make sure you sign both pages above).
  • At the bottom of the Associate Application, Fard Bell is the "Placing Associate" (aka Broker Certified Rep) and who ever they are coming in under is the "Sponsoring Associate".

You need 3 things:

1. The attached application

2. A copy of your insurance license (life, health, or p&c)

3. A voided check for direct deposit (or a letter from the bank on banks letterhead with the name, account # and routing # verifying the account).

For broker questions & support call: (855) 572-7653

Fard Bell' Broker Associate ID#: 110716834

P.S. If you don't already own a LegalShield membership, you'll need to enroll with your LegalShield Representative.

After your application processes, we can contact corporate to get your 4 digit pin to activate your enhanced back office, bonuses, and incentives by subscribing to "LegalShield Advantage".


Yours in Success,

Coach Fard Bell

[email protected]


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