LegalShield Broker Program

(For Enrolling Licensed Insurance Agents Only)

Thank you for requesting information about the broker program!

  1. Your application uploaded 5/13/2020 is attached here: GA Seller/Builder Agreement App 3/10/2020


    • Page 1 is asking for the existing Broker Certified Reps signature (Fard Bell), name, & associate number for authorization. Add the date.
  • Complete page 2 "Personal Information". (Leave the bottom section blank)
  • Complete page 3 "Payment Information", direct deposit preference, and signatures. ($19.95 for LS Advantage - First three months are free)
    • Select your compensation preference and complete page 13 (most choose "High/Low" to receive 1 year advanced commissions instead of "as earned".)
  • Send the entire document back to your representative (make sure you sign both pages above).
  • At the bottom of the Associate Application, Fard Bell is the "Placing Associate" (aka Broker Certified Rep) and who ever new agent is coming in directly under is the "Sponsoring Associate".

You need 3 things:

1. The attached application

2. A copy of your insurance license (life, health, or p&c)

3. A voided check for direct deposit (or a letter from the bank on banks letterhead with the name, account # and routing # verifying the account).

For broker questions & support call and ask for the Broker Division at: (855) 572-7653

Fard Bell's Broker Associate ID#: 110716834

P.S. If you don't already own a LegalShield membership, you'll need to enroll with your LegalShield Representative.

After your application processes, we can contact corporate to get your 4 digit pin to activate your enhanced back office, major bonuses & incentives by subscribing to "LegalShield Advantage" for $19.95/mo.


Yours in Success,

Coach Fard Bell

[email protected]



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