Born CEO Leadership Academy (BCLA)


Words from the Founder


"You are the Born CEO of your gift... You were born in this generation to help solve an important problem in this world. Your true gift is God's solution to the problem you were born to solve. All the resources you'll ever need are connected to your gift. Without you, this world will continue to suffer... But when you discover your true gift, embrace your true identity, and become the leader you were truly born to be... This world will NEVER be the same!!!"


- Coach Fard Bell, BCLA Founder


Welcome to Born CEO Leadership Academy!


What's In Store For You?

Discover & Fulfill Your Dream & Life Purpose:

Uncover your true calling and learn how to live a purpose-driven life.

Gain clarity on your goals and align them with your passions.

Accelerate Your Life, Business & Leadership Skills:

Develop the skills necessary to excel in all areas of your life, business, and leadership.

Learn proven strategies from industry experts to enhance your personal and professional growth.

Develop & Map out your Time & Financial Freedom Faster:

Learn strategies to achieve time and financial freedom at an accelerated pace.

Gain insights into wealth creation, passive income streams, and effective time management techniques.

Get Unstuck & Speed Up Your Results:

Overcome obstacles and break through limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Receive guidance and support to achieve your desired results faster than ever before.


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Born CEO Leadership Academy

Join us Monday nights at 6pm PT/ 7pm MT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET