BornCEO Academy's Best Year Ever Workshop 2018!

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Dates: December 15th-16th, 2018

Location: LiveStream Online or Live in Stockton, CA 95207

Time *The following schedule is in Pacific Time Zone. Schedule is tentative and subject to change:


Session 1 (9am - 12pm PT)

Lunch (12pm - 1pm PT)

Session 2 (1pm-4pm PT)

Dinner (4pm - 6pm PT)

Session 3 (6pm - 9pm PT)

Day Two (Optional Bonus Day For Direct Sales & Marketing Coaching & Planning)

Session 4 (9am - 12pm PT)

Lunch (12pm - 1pm PT)

Session 5 (1pm-4pm PT)

Dinner (4pm - 6pm PT)

Session 6 (6pm - 9pm PT)

Playback Videos are available for those who cannot physically attend!!!

For Travelers...

You will need a ride or rental car from any of the 3 airports:

  • San Fransisco (Approx 1hr 24mins + traffic)
  • Oakland (Approx 1 hr 7 mins + traffic)
  • Sacramento (Approx 58mins. Least traffic & smoothest ride. Recommended)


Do you know the 5 keys to creating your best year EVER?

Key #1. Do some soul searching and decide what you REALLY want your life to be like 5 years from now and what your top 3-5 goals are in the next 12 months. Ask yourself what do I REALLY want in the following areas:

Money? Relationships? Health? Purpose? Personal Development? Lifestyle?

Key #2. Get away from all distractions for 3 days BEFORE the new year begins and write out a realistic, achievable, and flexible PLAN that will get you exactly what you want as long as you stick to the plan.

Key #3. Join a group of people that will help you stick to the plan and get back on track throughout the entire year when distractions get in the way.

Key #4. Find your favorite mentors and coaches who help you become the person you need to be in order to transform your dreams into your reality. Listen to their audio's, read their books, watch their videos, attend their events, and participate in their coaching programs. Good time management is taking 20-30 days, weeks, or months to learn what someone else already took 20-30 years to learn!

Key #5. Take immediate and consistent action. Remember that the process doesn't have to be pretty when developing a new habit. Allow yourself to be like a baby again... Learn to crawl, take baby steps, stumble and get back up, keep on walking, and run whenever you can.

DISCLAIMER: Knowing the 5 keys will NOT change your life, but consistently applying them WILL!

"After positioning myself to meet and obeserve over 100 millionaires and a half dozen billionaires over the past 20 years I started noticing they all follow some version of these 5 keys to success! When I tried it myself I went from literally scraping together pennies to ride public transportation to retiring from my j.o.b. 40 years early at the age of 22 and started living my own dreams!!" BornCEO, Inc. Founder/C.E.O. - Fard Bell 

Could taking 3 days for yourself this year really make that much of a difference in your life Next Year? ...The answer is YES!

Join us for BORN CEO Academy's 3rd Annual Best Year Ever Workshop 2018!!

During our time together, we will be learning from the experts and implementing all 5 keys together and enjoy a transformational experience as we cover the following topics:

- Designing the life you were born to live
- How to create a new you for the new year (and why)
- How to double your income in the next 12 months
- How to discover your & fulfill your life's work
- Retire early and pursue your passion
- 3 ways to create passive residual income
- Overcome fears and procrastination
- Steps to becoming successfully self-employed
- How to start and grow your dream business that doesn't own you 
- Time "management" for BornCEO's
- Money Management tips
- Building your dream team
- Receive support & resources to help keep you on track and APPLY what you've learned
and much more!

"The only reason people don't live their dreams is the story they tell themselves about why they can't" - Tony Robbins


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